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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage

Mount Kailash is a famous pilgrimage site for the Hindu, Buddist, Jain and Bon religions as well as for hikers and adventurers. To embark upon a Kailash Tour or trekking along the Kailash circuit is one of the most popular journeys for tourists to Tibet. The entire circuitous route is about 52 kilometers in length, with trekking along up-and-down paths on the mountains and valleys around Kailash. For some Tibetans, 15 hours will be enough to finish this kora (religious circuit), while it may take 2 nights and 3 days for most tourists on foot. Tibet Odyssey Tours runs both budget Mt. Kailash Group Tour Packages and private Kailash pilgrimage trips, with the tour cost varying depending upon the type of tour you choose. Below are the most popular Mount Kailash Tour Packages.
Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage 13 Days
13 Days Mt. Kailash & Holy Mountain Trekking Tour
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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage 15 Days
15 Days Mt. Kailash and Mt.Everest with Namtso Tour
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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage 11 Days
11 Days Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Pilgrimage Tour
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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage 15 Days
15 Days Mt. Kailash Trekking Tour with Mt.Everest
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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage 14 Days
14 Days Nepal-Mount Kailash Trekking Tour
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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage FAQ

  • The conditions of dining and accommodation are limited around Mt. Kailash, you may find some hotels and many hostels (with berth only). As the limited reception capacity, you had better confirm with your trip to Mt. Kailsh with the travel agency two months in advance, in order to find a better accommodation on your arrival.More
  • Perhaps you have also heard that: one circle of Mt. Kailash trekking can wash away a lifetime of sins, and ten circles will save you from hell within 500 lives. Many pilgrims and tourists are looking forward to visiting Mt. Kailash. Actually, Mt. Kailash is not the highest mountain in Tibet, but only its summit of perpetual snow can reflect the strange light under the sunshine. With the most powerful visual and mind effect, people from all over the world were attracted to be here. However, the best time for hiking here is from June to September every year, which is the golden season for mountain turning. The weather is not too cold, so it is relatively easy for trekking the Mountain.More
  • There is no restrictions on age considering traveling to Mt. Kailash including trekking. However, trust that you also noticed via either internet or movie that the road around the mountain, which is the most primitive, and over a wide area, the plants are rare, the weather condition is bad, with the thin air and the weather is unpredictable. Therefore, it is not recommended for the weak, and the child or the elderly to trekking around the mountain.More
  • For foreign tourists to enter Tibet, including Lhasa will require the most basic document – Tibet Travel Permit, if you plan to go to the border area, have to apply for the Border Pass. The Military Pass is also requested for Mt. Kailash tour, but you have to worry no more, after you sign up with us, we shall arrange all the relevant documents for you.More
  • For the first time, please arrange your itinerary according to your physical strength, and make adequate preparation in advance. It can be completed in 2-3 days. According to our years of experience, we remind tourists to bring backpacks, alpenstock, knee pads, snow cover, charge pants, down jacket, quick-dry underwear, thick socks, hiking shoes or hiking shoes, anti-high anti-drug, gastrointestinal drugs, etc.More
  • The average altitude of Mt. Kailash is about 5,000 meters, and the highest point of the Drolma La Pass can be reached up to 5,630 meters. If you were experiencing altitude sickness during your trip, please do consider stopping to continue towards the higher place, or you may have some more serious problems. Because it is difficult to find a place for treatment in such remote area in a short period. The only way to relieve the altitude sickness is to move to a lower altitude place. You can rent or buy oxygen tanks at the Darchin hotel, and it is highly recommended that you bring one just in case. However, you can also prepare some medicine for altitude sickness, take it in advance, it will get help.More
  • There is a Nagri Gunsa Airport in Nari Region, thus tourists may take the flight or tour bus to arrive Mt. Kailash. The tour bus should be your priority, if your purpose is to enjoy the snow plateau, lakes, forests, grassland, and wild animals, etc. If you got limited schedule, and just wish to see or trekking around the Mt. Kailash, can take the direct flight from Lhasa to Ngari also, the whole distance spends about 2 hours, but the cost may not cheap.More
  • The Indian passport holders need to book a trip to Mt. Kailash via a pilgrim center in the Tibet autonomous region. Because only these two institutions can legally provide Tibet travel service to the Indian passport holders. Although we are not able to arrange the trip for Indian tourists, yet we are willing to provide you with free advice and possible help.More
  • It is 52 kilometers in total distance and can be completed within 3 days, or 2 days for the tourists who are physically strong. You may wish to set the schedule according to your physical strength and condition. Trekking around Mt. Kailash is a lifelong pursuit for most pilgrims, as long as with a strong perseverance you may easily fulfill this goal and your desire.More
  • The truly mysterious place to go in Tibet is far beyond, where is Mt. Kailash in the Ngari Region, more than 1,300 kilometers from Lhasa. Once you leave the big city of Shigatse, it is hard to find more options along the way. However, some hotels offer visitors with traditional Tibetan dishes such as ghee tea, instant noodles and beverages. Some hotels where nearby the monasteries are able to provide simple meals. Therefore, suggested that you had better to bring some durable food and cooking stove and a set of the cooker to boil water and cook.More
  • You can travel in Tibet all around the year, but it is also depending on different areas. Due to the high altitude and located in a remote area, no tourist would come over as heavy snow has sealed the mountain pass.More
  • Located at the south of the sacred Mt. Kailash, with 4,588 meters above sea level, covers an area of 412 square kilometers, and the deepest part of the lake is 77 meters. Manasarovar is linked to a smaller lake, Rakshas Tal (known to Tibetans as Lhanagtso), by the channel called Gangachu. On rare occasions, water flows through this channel from Lake Manasarovar to Rakshas Tal; this is said to augur well for the Tibetan people and most are pleased that water is indeed flowing between the two lakes in recent years. Most groups and individuals base themselves at the picturesque Chiu village, site of the Chiu Monastery, on the northwestern shore of the lake.More
  • Age is not a barrier of the pilgrims to the hills, as long as the physical condition is good. Of course, we highly recommend the elderly tourists take the doctor’s advice before departure, after all the plants are rare, the weather condition is bad, the air is thin, thus have to evaluate your physical condition before set up the itinerary.More
  • Generally, it takes about 3 days to finish the trekking along the Mt. Kailash circuit.

    Day 1: Darchen – Drirapuk (11 kilometers)

    Day 2: Drirapuk – Dzultripuk (22 kilometers)

    Day 3: Drirapuk – Dzultripuk

    If your physical condition allows, it is possible to finish the trekking within 2 days.

    The local Tibetans are able to complete the trekking even in one day.

  • Mt. Kailash is the most sacred mountain in the eyes of local Tibetans. The pilgrims come from all parts of Tibet and even all over the countries. With the high altitude and drastic climate change, suggested you to come in the period of May – Octomber. Even you have no any idea of trekking, as long as you sign up the contract with the legal travel agency, accompanied with the tour guide, it will be safety for you to travel there.More
  • Regarding this question, our answer is similar as the elderly people. Due to the long trekking with high altitude and hard condition, we do not recommend child who under 12 years old to hike around Mt. Kailash. For little kids, traveling in places as: Lhasa, Ningchi, and Shigatse are no problem.More
  • Yes, but only for the Chinese tourists, but have to apply the Border Pass at your police station of seat of registered permanent residence, before departure for Mt. Kailash. Due to the long distance, and unfamiliar with the road condition, with the rough and bumpy road, many first-time tourists are easily get lost. Therefore, do not recommend self-driving. For foreign tourists and Taiwanese, self-driving is forbidden in any places of Tibet.More
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