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Asia Odyssey Travel & Tours Co Ltd
Apply Your Permit in an Easy Way
We are a team of local Tibet experts that you can always count on. By taking the following steps, you will find it is so easy to get your Tibet tour started.
  • Work out your tour plan with our travel consultants. You need to confirm the following items with our consultants: entry & exit city; Travel Date; Itinerary day by day and group member.
  • Send us your scanned copies of valid passports and Chinese Visa (If you enter Tibet from Nepal, only passport copy is required and you need to apply Tibet Group Visa in Kathmandu with our help).
  • Leave the application process to us. Generally, we are supposed to deliver all the documents for Tibet permit 20-30 days in advance depending on the areas you are going to visit.
  • Receive your Tibet permit: if you enter Tibet by flight, original permit will be delivered to you before you board the flight; If you enter by train, you just need the copy of the permit.
Online Tibet Permit Application
We have helped thousands of travelers obtain their Tibet permits since 2009. Tell us your ideas and get a quick response within 0.5-12 hours.
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Documents Required for Visiiting Different Areas

Tibet Travel Permit is a foremost & compulsory document if foreign travelers are intending to visit Tibet. Besides the Tibet Travel Permit, you will also need some other supporting documents if you are heading to areas outside of Lhasa like Alien’s Travel Permit, Border Pass and Military Permit. If you enter Tibet from Kathmandu (Nepal), instead of the normal Chinese Visa issued by your local embassy, you need a Tibet Group Visa to help you get to Tibet from Kathmandu. Check the following travel guides and learn more on Tibet Permit.

2023 Tibet Travel Permit (TTB)
2023 Tibet Travel Permit (TTB)
The Tibet Permit, which is also known as the Tibet Travel Permit, short for TTP. It is a travel permit for foreigners and Taiwan compatriots to enter Tibet. Acc...
How to Apply Chinese Visa
How to Apply Chinese Visa
What is Chinese VISA?A Chinese visa is a certificate issued by the Chinese visa authority to a foreigner who enters, leaves or passes through China in accordanc...
Alien's Travel Permit
Alien's Travel Permit
What is an Alien's Travel Permit (PSB)? Alien's Travel Permit is used for foreigners visiting “unopened” areas. It is issued by the Tibet...
Tibet Group Visa (Enter Tibet from Nepal)
Tibet Group Visa (Enter Tibet from Nepal)
What is China Group Visa (CGV)? What are the certificates shall be applied if enter Tibet from Nepal? How to get to Tibet from Kathmandu? How to apply for the C...
Tibet Frontier Pass Application
Tibet Frontier Pass Application
What is a Frontier Pass?The frontier pass is the abbreviation of the “Border Security Pass”. In order to ensure the security of the border, each cou...
Military Permit - for Visiting Ngari & Pomi
Military Permit - for Visiting Ngari & Pomi
What is Tibet Military Permit?When overseas people go to travel in Tibet, not all scenic spots are open to them. For those who would like go some of the militar...
How to Read a Chinese Visa?
When you read a Chinese Visa, you should know the type of the visa you applied firstly. There are several kind of Chinese Visas. Generally, the visa for tourists is “L” Visa, which can be a single, double, or multiple entry visa. Then you should pay attention to the validity date which is shown as enter before & duration of each stay. This date shown as “Entry Before” is not the date that you must leave China, but the date you must enter China. The validation period is usually 90 days for single entry visa, 180 days for double entry visa or 6-month multiple entry visa, 1 year or 2-years for 1-year multiple or 2-year multiple entry visa.
Tips on Tibet Permit Application
As a reliable local Tibet Travel Agency, all of the latest information we acquire is always the first-hand news. What you need to do is focusing on your Tibet Travel and make good preparation for it. All the application process will be handled by us.
Tips on Tibet Permit
Tips on Tibet Permit
1. How do I get a permit/visa for Tibet?Foreigners and overseas Chinese are required to enter Tibet with a Tibet Travel Permit (Also called ‘Tibet visa’....
How do travelers with Chinese Travel Document visit Tibet?
How do travelers with Chinese Travel Document visit Tibet?
Recently, many parents consulting regarding their children traveling to Tibet during the summer vacation, but they are the Chinese Travel Document...
How do travelers from visa-free countries go to Tibet
How do travelers from visa-free countries go to Tibet
Currently, the following three citizens of the normal passport who visiting mainland China for tourism, business, visiting relatives or less than 15 days...
How to Apply Tibet with a F Visa?
How to Apply Tibet with a F Visa?
The F visa (Business visa) is mainly for people who are engaged in exchanges, visits and investigations in China. It is no problem for tourists with F visas to...
How to Apply Tibet with a L Visa?
How to Apply Tibet with a L Visa?
The L visa (Tourist visa) is mainly for overseas tourists to travel in China. L visa is the most convenient visa for the Tibet Permit application. The tourists...
How to Apply Tibet Permit with a X2 Visa
How to Apply Tibet Permit with a X2 Visa
the X2 visa is a Chinese student visa for foreigners who come to China for short-term study (less than 180 days). It is no problem for tourists with X2 visas to...

Tibet Permit FAQ

  • Can I shorten the Tibet Group Visa application process?
    Based on current regulation, the Chinese Embassy no longer accept urgent Tibet Group Visa application, which means your passport will be required for 3 full working days.

    Day 1: Deliver the material (including original passport, passport size photo, application form) before 11am (must be working day)

    Day 2: Wait for the visa (Must be working day)

    Day 3: Get the visa with your passport in the afternoon (Must be working day)

    For travlers who are intending to enter Tibet from Nepal, it is important to leave enough time for the Tibet Group Visa.

  • Can I apply the Tibet Travel Permit by myself?
    According to the relevant regulation, the Tibet Tourism Bureau does not accept the application in the name of the individual. Foreign tourists need to apply for applications through a qualified travel agency.
  • What if our application for the Tibet Travel Permit been rejected after booking the tour?
    Since our travel agency have launched, we have successfully obtained the Tibet Travel Permit for thousands of tourists. As long as our clients provide us with the requested documents on time, they all acknowledged our efficient service. Even though we may face difficulties occasionally, but we are always making strives to assist our clients to obtain their Permits. If we failed to get the permit because of irresistible factors, you'll get full refund.
  • Is the Tibet Travel Permit sufficient for Tibet Tour?
    The Tibet Travel Permit only allows you to enter and leave Tibet legally. However, for some restricted scenic spots or sensitive areas, such as Everest Base Camp, Sangye Monastery, Mt. Kailash, etc. At this time the Tibet Travel Permit alone is not enough. You need to hold an Alien’s Travel Permit or a Military Permit, according to your destinations. Please do not bother of this problem, for our tour guide will remind you and arrange all the requested documents according to your itinerary in advance.
  • Do we need the original Tibet Travel Permit for booking the airline ticket?
    No need. You have to try with several different booking websites or just simply ask our travel agency to book the tickets for you. After sign up the travel package with us, we will provide you with free booking service.
  • Is there any restriction on the number or age of applicants for the Tibet Travel Permit?
    Many of our clients would like to know if there is any limitation on the number or age of people applying for a Tibet Travel Permit. The answer is “Absolutely not!” However, we have to talk about another similar topic: is there any age limit for traveling to Tibet? From our experience, no one has been refused to travel to Tibet because the applicant is too young or too old. Nevertheless, for the elderly people who are suffering from chemical sickness, would be better to consult with the doctor before ahead for the trip to Tibet.
  • How long does it take for the application of Tibet Travel Permit?
    After we get your basic information (scanned format of your passport, Chinese visa), we will submit it to the Tibet Tourism Administration for the application.

    If the itinerary only covers the Lhasa city and its surroundings, it only takes about 10 days to get your Tibet Travel Permit. For the regions of Mt. Everest or somewhere else, the process may expended to 20 days.

    For the Ngari Region, Nyingchi or the Sichuang-Tibet Highway, it will take about 30 days for the process.

  • How much does it cost for applying the Tibet Travel Permit?
    For our treasured clients, as long as you booked our Tibet Itinerary, we will cover all the requested certificates according to your itinerary of course the Tibet Travel Permit was included.
  • Could you help us with the Tibet Travel Permit application without booking Tibet Tour?
    Foreigners who are traveling in Tibet must obtain a Tibet Travel Permit, which only can be handled by Tibetan travel agencies. Unfortunately, due to government regulations, we can no longer help independent travelers in Tibet to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit without sign up on our Tibet Travel Itinerary.

    Since the promulgation and implementation of the “Regulations on the Administration of Tourism” in Tibet in 2008, all foreign tourists who are visiting Tibet must book the travel services in Tibet. An experienced tour guide and a qualified tour bus should take part in the whole tour of the Tibet Itinerary. When applying for a Travel Permit for Tibet from the Tibet Autonomous Region Tourism Administration, a travel agency in Tibet must submit the detailed itinerary.

    Tourists, especially the backpackers, may cost high and with limited flexibility to travel to Tibet, because they will spend a lot of money to rent a car and hire a tour guide for the whole trip. Therefore, it is necessary to book a trip to Tibet from an authorized travel agency in Tibet. We apologized to refuse your inquiry if you only wish to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit without sign up the itinerary with us. But we did find solutions that increased flexibility and minimized costs.

  • What kind of materials has to submit in order to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit?
    We will request the following documents and information, in order to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit:

    *A scanned format of your original valid passport
    *A scanned format of your valid Chinese Visa (In addition to the type-L of tourist visa, all the other types of Chinese visa require an extra official seal from your school/company in China, along with your name, passport number, position and company address)
    * Which city in China do you plan to enter Tibet and which city in China do you plan to visit after your trip to Tibet; (Please note: Journalists, government workers and professional photography teams are not allowed to travel to Tibet through Travel agencies)

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