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Flight from Chengdu to Lhasa

Flights to Tibet 942

Flight from Chengdu to Lhasa

Chengdu, “the City of Confederate Roses”, has a reputation as “the land of abundance” since ancient times. It is also the major overland gateway to Tibet. Chengdu is the only city that has never changed its name over history since it was founded. This capital city of the Sichuan province plays a significant role in the southwestern China. It has been the political, economic, and cultural center of the southwest and an important city in the Yangtze River area. Chengdu has the most flights to Tibet which are currently the least expensive ones compared with the flights from other cities.

Flying distance from Chengdu to Lhasa: 1286KM

Flying time from Chengdu to Lhasa: 2.5 hours

Fare: 1790RMB(ticket) + 60RMB(the airport construction fee and fuel fee) = 1850RMB

There are many direct flights (2.5 hours) from Chengdu to Lhasa every day. The earliest shift takes off at 6am and the latest one departs around 10pm.

  • Flight No.
  • Depart -- Arrival
  • Duration
  • Ticekt Costs
  • TV9803 Tibet Airline
  • 06:00 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • CA4403 Air China
  • 06:15 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 30m
  • 1960 ¥
  • 3U8657 Sichuan Airline
  • 06:45 Shuangliu Airport T1
  • 2h 45m
  • 1960 ¥
  • EU2743 Chengdu Airline
  • 07:20 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 25m
  • 1960 ¥
  • CA4401 Air China
  • 07:25 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • 3U8697 Sichuan Airline
  • 08:30 Shuangliu Airport T1
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • TV9853 Tibet Airline
  • 08:35 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 40m
  • 1960 ¥
  • CA407 Air China
  • 08:55 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 40m
  • 1960 ¥
  • MU5825 China Eastern Airline
  • 10:30 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • 3U8695 Tibet Airline
  • 11:30 Shuangliu Airport T1
  • 2h 45m
  • 1960 ¥
  • CA4112 Air China
  • 12:40 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • TV9848 Tibet Airline
  • 20:45 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 35m
  • 1960 ¥
  • TV9882 Air China
  • 22:10 Shuangliu Airport T2
  • 2h 25m
  • 1960 ¥


1. The above flights information is for reference only, please contact us for the latest information on Beijing-Lhasa flight.

2. In the Off-season, airlines will cut down the number of flights according to the number of tourists. If it is a low-season trip, please contact a travel consultant in advance to check the flight status of the day you travel.

Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Traffic Tips

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (IATA: CTU, ICAO: ZUUU) is located in the southwest of the center of Shuangliu District, Chengdu, China. The airport is 16 kilometers from Chengdu downtown area. It is one of China's eight regional hub airports, an aviation hub in China's inland areas and a passenger & cargo distribution center. Shuangliu Airport is currently divided into two terminals, T1 and T2. Sichuan Airlines and all international/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan flights take off and land in the T1 terminal. All other flights take off and land in the T2 terminal. You can walk from one terminal to another in about ten minutes. And there is a shuttle bus between T1 and T2 which runs every five minutes and operates from 7:30am to 10:00pm.

There are several ways from Chengdu downtown area to the Shuangliu Airport

Taxi-- Terminal 1: The airport taxi stop is at the Gate 2 outside T1 Arrival Hall

-- Terminal 2: The airport taxi stop is at the Gate 4-5 outside T2 Arrival Hall.

High-speed rail: Chengmianle Intercity Railway station is located at the B1 Shuangliu Airport Station of terminal 2. It connects Shuangliu Airport with Chengdu South Railway Station and Chengdu East Railway Station. Shuangliu Airport Station can be arrived within half an hour from Deyang, Meishan and it also can be reached from Jiangyou, Mianyang, Leshan and Emeishan within an hour.

Subway: Chengdu Metro Line 10 was opened on September 6, 2017. The first phase of the project is about 10.9 kilometers long, all of which are underground lines. There are 6 stations in total, starting from Taipingyuan Station, passing through the Jinxiu station, Huaxing Station, Jinhua Station, Shuangliu Airport Terminal 1, and ending at Shuangliu Airport terminal 2 station.

Airport bus: There are many buses from the airport to Chengdu downtown area. Some of the bus information are as follows:

Bus 300 -- North Railway Station - Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, fare: 10 yuan

Bus 303 -- road, the downtown ticket booth (next to Mingshan Hotel) - Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, fare: 10 yuan B

us 317 – the East Square Chengdu East Railway Station - Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, fare: 2 yuan

Chartered Bus: Chartered bus is recommended If you have a large group of people. Our company provides Chengdu car/bus services for all tourists, including airport pick-up and drop-off service.

Lhasa Gongga Airport Traffic Tips:

Lhasa Gongga Airport (IATA: LXA, ICAO: ZULS) is in Jiazhulin Town in Gongga County, Shannan District, Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located on the south bank of the magnificent Yalu Tsangpo River at an altitude of 3,600 meters. It is one of the highest civil airports in the world. The Gongga Airport is not very big. There are not many flights to and from the country. Unlike many airports with several terminals in the mainland cities, there is only one terminal building with one entrance and one exit in the Gongga Airport. You won’t get lost once you are at the Lhasa Gongga Airport,since you’ll have to take the only exit to be out.

Gongga Airport staff parks the airport bus about five meters away from the exit of the terminal building. There is a small pavilion on the left side of the airport terminal building, where sells was the shuttle bus ticket. The fare was 30 yuan. After purchasing the ticket, you can get on the shuttle bus to downtown Lhasa.

The starting stop of the Gongga Airport shuttle is the exit of the Gongga Airport Terminal. The terminal is the Civil Aviation Bureau at the foot of the Potala Palace.

If you take a taxi, it costs about 200 yuan (not by meter); if you share a taxi with others, it’s about 50 yuan per person.

Tibet Flight Travel notes:

1. Foreign tourists need to take the required documents to depart Tibet

- Passport: The passport must be within the validity period. Whether you are flying or booking a flight on the way, you need to provide the original passport when you check in at the hotel or pass the security check. Therefore, please always keep your passport at hand.

- Chinese visa: Except for tourists from the within 15 days visa-free countries, foreigners from other countries are all required to provide a valid Chinese visa.

- Tibet Permit: When getting your boarding pass and passing the airport security check, the airport staff will always check your Tibet permit. So please make sure you have your Tibet Permit ready before you fly and bring the Permit to your tour guide in Lhasa.

2. How to book an air ticket to and from Tibet?

Most tourists now book flights online through some travel service websites such as Ctrip, Qunar, or Fliggy. You can also purchase tickets on the airline's official website or on. Our company provides ticket booking service as well. It is recommended to book your ticket one month in advance to have a fair price.

3. Besides Chengdu, which other cities can fly directly to Lhasa

Currently, many cities have direct flights to Lhasa, such as Beijing, Xi'an, Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shangri-La, etc.

4. In addition to Lhasa Gongga Airport, Which airports in Tibet can you travel to by plane?

There are five airports in Tibet. Besides Lhasa Gongga Airport, you can also fly directly from Shigatse, Nyingchi, Ngari and Chamdo. There are only a few flights to these four airports, and only a few cities have direct flights to Lhasa.

- Shigatse Peace Airport (IATA: RKZ, ICAO: ZURK): Currently only Chengdu has direct flights to Shigatse, there is one shift every day : Tibet Airlines TV9843 (07:05-09:30). A one-way ticket costs 1900 yuan.

- Nyingchi Mainlin Airport: Currently there are direct flights from Chengdu and Chongqing to Nyingchi Mainlin Airport. There are about four flights from Chengdu to Nyingchi every morning between 6:00 and 09:00, and there are about 3 flights from Chongqing to Nyingchi. If you want to fly directly to Nyingchi, you can only transfer from these two cities.

-Chamdo Banda Airport: Both Chengdu and Chongqing have a daily flight to Chamdo, There are only a few tourists go to Chamdo since it is not a tourist attraction in Tibet.

- Ngari Gunsa Airport: Every Friday, There is a flight Lucky Air 8L9681 (07:20-11:35) from Urumqi to Ngari via Kashgar.

5. Baggage

  • Luggage
  • First Class
  • Business
  • Economic
  • Luggage Size
  • Carry-on Luggage
  • 5kg * 2 Pieces
  • 5kg
  • 5kg
  • 55cm/20cm/40cm
  • Check in Luggage
  • 40kg
  • 30kg
  • 20kg
  • 100cm/60cm/40cm

6. Do children have discounts on ticket purchase?

A baby ticket for Infant under two years old (based on the date of departure) is at 10% of the regular adult fare. Children who are 2 years old or older to under 12 years (based on the date of departure) will be entitled to a seat at 50% of the regular adult fare for the same flight. When purchasing a child ticket, you should provide the children and babies’ valid documents such as birth certificate and residence booklet. When purchasing a baby or child ticket, the identity information needs to be attached to the accompanying adult.

How to get your boarding pass after purchasing a ticket online?

At present, once purchasing a ticket online, the passengers can get the boarding pass by presenting the valid documents used to book the ticket at the airport service counter. Foreigners who are flying to Tibet, should also present the valid ID documents and the Tibet Permit to check-in.

Anyone who books a tour with us is enabled to purchase discount tickets from Lhasa to Urumqi through our agency. The discount varies from 10 to 50% depending on the different time of the year. For detailed discount information, please contact our travel consultants for specific discounts information on flights to Lhasa.

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