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Tibet Tour Package

A wonderful tour package to Tibet can be the realization of one's greatest dream or the adventure of lifetime. We have explored every corner of Tibet so we know how to design the best Tibet tours that allow you to take in all of the “must-see” sites. No matter how you are planning to arrive in Tibet - by air or via train, our Tibet tour packages will help you arrange the best tour schedule, accommodations and transportation around this virtual paradise. Whether you want to just spend a few days in the capital of Lhasa or two weeks touring monasteries and seeing Mt. Everest, our Tibet tour consultants are happy to offer alternative tour itineraries and help with customized Tibet tour packages that will appeal to your particular interests. Our special pre-arranged tours of Tibet are provided below. Your dream Tibet tour package is just a click away!

Tour Package FAQ

  • Which city is the best to take the train to Lhasa?

    You can find direct train to Tibet from the cities of Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Xining Lanzhou. Among them, I would suggest you to take the train to Tibet from Xining. The reasons are as follows:

    1. The train journey from Xining to Lhasa only takes 20 hours, you don't need to spend too much time on the narrow space of the Qinghai Tibet Train.

    2. The highlights of your train journey to Tibet lies in the section of Xining - Lhasa part which includes Qinghai Lake, Keke Xili Grass Land, etc.

    3. All of the trains to Tibet will pass by Xining Station, you have more choices on the trains to Tibet.

  • Is Mt. Everest in Tibet or Nepal?
    The east slope of Mt. Everest is located in Shigatse, Tibet. The highway is down to the EBC, and Mt. Everest can be seen on the road. The south slope of Mt. Everest in Nepal, it takes about two weeks of hard walking to reach EBC, where hikers can experience altitude of 1,000 meters up to 5,000 meters, with diversified geomorphologic features, the high peaks that over 8,000 meters can be seen on the way, such as Mt. Everest, Lhotse Peak, Makalu and Chooyu Peak, etc. (Respectively in first, fourth, fifth and sixth highest in the world). Although Everest will be covered by the cloud and fog, but it was still a sumptuous snow-mountain extravaganza.
  • Can tourists take a land trip to Tibet from Kathmandu?
    From Kathmandu to Tibet, tourists can take a land trip to Lhasa via the Gyirong port. However, according to the regulations, foreign tourists cannot travel alone on their own in Tibet. We can arrange driver and tour guide to pick you up at the Gyirong port. And we can apply for the Tibet Entry Permit for you.
  • Can Indian passport holders go to Mt. Kailash via a travel agency?
    The Indian passport holders need to book a trip to Mt. Kailash via a pilgrim center in the Tibet autonomous region. Because only these two institutions can legally provide Tibet travel service to the Indian passport holders. Although we are not able to arrange the trip for Indian tourists, yet we are willing to provide you with free advice and possible help.
  • Can I join in the Saga Dawa Festival Tour in 2022-2023?
    Saga Dawa Festival in Tibet will be opening on 17th June 2022, lasting for 1 month. You can choose to travel during these time which will allow you to experience the atmosphere of Saga Dawa Festival. However, the main circuit for pilgrimage will be filled with pilgrims.
  • What do I have to take when I go hiking in Mt. Kailash?
    For the first time, please arrange your itinerary according to your physical strength, and make adequate preparation in advance. It can be completed in 2-3 days. According to our years of experience, we remind tourists to bring backpacks, alpenstock, knee pads, snow cover, charge pants, down jacket, quick-dry underwear, thick socks, hiking shoes or hiking shoes, anti-high anti-drug, gastrointestinal drugs, etc.
  • When is the best time to visit Lhasa?
    Lhasa is a place worthy of visit the whole year, and the best months are May, June , September and October. July-August is the rainy season in Tibet; at the same time, during the summer vacation (July - August) , Lhasa is rather crowded with tourists from home and abroad. In winter, Lhasa is more like a Tibetan place with less tourists and more pilgrims. If you prefer a quiet Lhasa and you are not afraid of the cold, visiting Lhasa in winter is also a good idea.
  • Where and what type of visas do I require for traveling in Tibet?
    To visit Tibet, you need at least two visas, Chinese Visa obtained from the Chinese Embassy in your home country, and Tibet entry permit issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau but applied through an authorized Tibet travel agency. Then, if you trek to restricted areas of Tibet, Alien’s travel permit and/or military permit is required. If you book tour from Tibet travel org, they can help you arrange all the documents.
  • What should I pay attention to when traveling to Tibet in winter?
    In winter, when you go to Tibet, the first thing you should pay attention to is keeping warm. Although the average temperature in Tibet is around 15 degrees in the daytime, but can drop down to minus 5 degrees in the evening. The temperature difference between morning and evening is large, so you must wear thermal underwear, down jacket, thick trousers and warm shoes. Secondly, it is very important to choose the route. In winter, it is recommended to go to the areas around Lhasa and the lower elevations of Nyingchi. Another is the medicinal preparation such as cold medicine, anti high altitudes, vitamins and enterogastritis, etc. There are also sunscreen and moisturizing skin care products, lipstick and so on.
  • The recommended places for photographing in Lhasa
    The Potala Palace; Sera Monastery; the Barkhor Street and the small temple of the red wall; the Zayeba Monastery; the black-necked crane habitat in Linzhou County; the Lhasa River.

    The Potala Palace: You can take pictures in the palace from varied angles. In the “Chakpori Viewing Platform” and Lupuyan Temple, you can shoot the Potala Palace with the white tower in the foreground. From such angle, you can shoot the palace shining under the sunset glow. And in the Potala Palace squire, you can shoot the “Standard photo” of the palace.

    Jokhang Temple: As a cultural scenic spot, Jokhang is a good choice for shutterbugs all year round, despite the weather conditions. Prayers from all parts of the world come to pray here. You can shoot a perfect film here, especially when it coincides with Tibetan festivals and religious celebrations.

    Drepung Monastery: It is quite spectacular to come here to shoot the Giant Buddha exhibiting ceremony during the Shoton Festival.

  • What is the accommodation like in winter Tibet?
    At present, with the further development of tourism resources and the increase of tourists, the accommodation conditions in Tibet have been greatly improved. A few large cities have starred hotels of all levels, but the overall level of the hotels and guest houses is still lower than the peers in the mainland. But since winter is a low season for tourism in Tibet, some hotels and receptions are closed until the end of March next year.

    If you want to travel to Tibet, whether if need to bring tents and sleeping bags? If you participate in our regular tour, there is no need to bring this equipment. Even in winter, our regular tour is to the cities with relatively complete accommodation facilities, and we will stay in star hotels along the way. For the further remote places such as Mt. Everest, while sleep in the guesthouse you may wish to bring along a personal sleeping bag, mainly in order to maintain good hygiene and preventing cold. In addition, the sleeping bag is very convenient to rent in Lhasa, and charged as date and quality. There are a lot of outdoor shops providing such business in Lhasa.

  • Can you arrange Nepal Tour?
    As long as you tell us your plan in advance, our travel agency can arrange the Nepal tour for you, as we have long-term business partners in Nepal. For those who have already booked a Tibet tour group with us, we will give our customers the most affordable price. To the foreign tourists, it also saves a lot of trouble and procedures.
  • How many days does it take to travel to northern Ngari?
    You can depart from Kashi, Xinjiang, or you can depart from Lhasa. The following is the itinerary for 13 days'tour departing from Lhasa.

    Day 1: Lhasa - Shigatse

    Day 2: Shigatse - Everest Base Camp

    Day 3: Everest Base Camp - Saga

    Day 4: Saga - Darchen

    Day 5: Darchen - Zanda

    Day 6: Zanda - Shiquanhe Town

    Day 7: Shiquanhe Town - Rendo Town

    Day 8: Rendo Town - Cuoqin

    Day 9: Cuoqin - Wenbunan Village

    Day 10: Wenbunan Village - Nyima County

    Day 11: Nyima County - Bange

    Day 12: Bange - Namtso

    Day 13: Namtso - Lhasa

  • What are the worthiest temples to visit in and around Lhasa?
    For Chinese and foreign tourists, the Potala Palace is the most worthy one to visit, followed by Jokhang Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and Gandan Monastery, etc., these monasteries are now popular among tourists.
  • How to join in the Shoton Festival in Tibet?
    Before the 17th century, “Shoton”was a purely religious activity, In the mid-17th century, however, the Tibetan opera performance was added, when the Shoton Festival assumed a fixed form. The largest taboo of Buddhism is destruction of life. Grass and trees grow, and all things revive in summer, so it is almost inevitable to kill insects when monks go out, which violates the “ahimsa”discipline. Therefore, the Gelug Sect provides that, from April to June of the Tibetan calendar, monks must stay in their monasteries to cultivate themselves. It is called “settlement in summer”, lasting until the end of June. On go downhill. People will reward them by preparing sour milk, holding a banquet in the field and performing Tibetan opera. This is the origion of the Soton Festival.

    The Shoton Festival of Drepung Monastery is held on July 1st every year in the Tibetan calendar. During the period, there are numerous of visitors to the Buddha exhibition is very large, which can be crowded.

    Visitors to the exhibition of the Buddha at Drepung Monastery should pay attention:

    Traffic control Since 0 a.m. before the festival begins, all vehicles will not be allowed to pass through the streets within 5 kilometers below the Drepung Monastery. You can take the free bus in the designated places.

    If you want to be close to the show, you need to start off early to get the best seats.

    Because you have to climb a mountain, it also takes a long walk to take the bus. Therefore, recommended to wear comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes. In case of rain, please bring along the cold clothes and raincoats.

    Join in the 2019 Shoton Festival Now!

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