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Tibet Tour Package

A wonderful tour package to Tibet can be the realization of one's greatest dream or the adventure of lifetime. We have explored every corner of Tibet so we know how to design the best Tibet tours that allow you to take in all of the “must-see” sites. No matter how you are planning to arrive in Tibet - by air or via train, our Tibet tour packages will help you arrange the best tour schedule, accommodations and transportation around this virtual paradise. Whether you want to just spend a few days in the capital of Lhasa or two weeks touring monasteries and seeing Mt. Everest, our Tibet tour consultants are happy to offer alternative tour itineraries and help with customized Tibet tour packages that will appeal to your particular interests. Our special pre-arranged tours of Tibet are provided below. Your dream Tibet tour package is just a click away!

Tour Package FAQ

  • What kind of vehicle is recommended for the highway to Tibet?
    Generally it is recommend the use of off-road vehicles, although most of the road condition is good, are cement and asphalt road, but will go through some of the most complex geological lot, with a curve in the midway. As there are always a few sections of road condition is not good, and have to cross the mountains that over 5,000 meters above sea level, thus off-road vehicle is safer.
  • What are the scenery that worthy photographying in Tibet during Autumn?
    September-November is the prime time for photographing in Tibet. There’s no place that cannot attracts you in Autumn - the layered vegetation in Nyingchi, the golden maple leaves mirrored by the Lhasa River, the sunrise in Mount Everest, the fairy scenery in Ngari, the autumn harvest in Shigatse, the snowy pastures in Nagqu and so on.
  • In what conditions can tourists climb to Mt. Everest?
    Everyone wants to be on top of the earth, but heavy obstacles can blow your dreams to smithereens. Therefore, climb to Mt. Everest is not a dream that everyone can achieve. In addition to the good physical conditions, climbing experience, but also has to hold mountaineering license issued by the state. So not just any tourist can climb the Mt. Everest.
  • How to get to Tibet from mainland China by Train

    To get to Tibet from mainland China by train, you need to decide which city you are going to take the train firstly. Currently, there are 7 cities including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining and Lanzhou connected Tibet with direct train.

    Then you need to book a Tibet tour as well as the train ticket to Lhasa from a local Tibet Travel agency, deal with the related permits and visas before your departure.

    Lastly, board the train to Tibet from mainland China and enjoy the breathtaking veiw along the Qinghai Tibet Railway.

  • Can tourists take a land trip to Tibet from Kathmandu?
    From Kathmandu to Tibet, tourists can take a land trip to Lhasa via the Gyirong port. However, according to the regulations, foreign tourists cannot travel alone on their own in Tibet. We can arrange driver and tour guide to pick you up at the Gyirong port. And we can apply for the Tibet Entry Permit for you.
  • Can I travel to Mt. Kailash in winter?
    You can travel in Tibet all around the year, but it is also depending on different areas. Due to the high altitude and located in a remote area, no tourist would come over as heavy snow has sealed the mountain pass.
  • The recommended places for photographing in Ngari
    Lake Manasarovar: There is a village called Huoer next to the holy lake, and it is the best place to photograph the lake. 3 km west of Huoer Village, you can shoot the swamp, grass and snow peaks. There you can surely take great pictures of Lake Manasarovar. The best time is early morning and evening.

    Temples: There are many temples around Lake Manasarovar. Among them, the Jiwu Temple in the west and the Chugu Temple in the south are worth visiting. On a small slope on the north side of the Jiwu Temple, there is a white tower, which can be used as the foreground to shoot Mount Kailash.

    Burang County:In the summer, Burang is a place you never want to miss. The green fields, the golden river beach and the silvery snow-capped peaks contribute to an enchanting picture with varied colors.

    Baga Grassland: From Taqin to Zanda County, you will pass the Baga Grassland. You may need prepare a telephoto lens and wait to shoot the Tibetan antelope and wild donkey.

    Zanda: There are some abandoned pagodas along the Xiangquan River to the north of the county town. It is the best place to shoot Zanda Earth Forest.

    The Guge Kingdom relic sites: The best time to shoot there is during the sunrise and sunset.

  • What documents are needed to apply a Tibet Group Visa?
    The main documents include the invitation letter, the original passport, and the application form:

    The invitation letter - invitation letter is issued by the Tourism Bureau. The letter is applied for by the local travel agency in Tibet.

    Original Passport - When you arrive in Kathmandu, our agency will arranges local staff to collect your original passport.

    Application Form - When the local staff in Kathmandu collect your passport, they will assist you with completing an application form.

  • Where can I rent sleeping bag and tent in Tibet?
    To plan a Tibet Trekking tour, you need to prepare trekking gears in advance. You can find most of the trekking gears in Lhasa and rent them after you arrive. The price varies in different season. With the help of our guide, you'll get your trekking tour fully prepared. Therefore, it is suggested to spend 2 or more days in Lhasa.
  • Can I see celestial burial in Tibet?
    Although there are celestial burial in Drigung Til Monastery in Maizhokunggar County, in order to respect the local ethnic customs, you are advised not to watch the celestial burial, and forbidden to take photos without permission, or it may cause you great trouble. At present, the celestial burial ceremony is forbidden to be watched by both domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Can foreign tourists visit the Puruogangri Glacier?
    The Puruogangri Glacier is located at the center of Chang Tang National Nature Reserve. It is 560 kilometers away from Naqu Town. The Puruogangri Glacier is the third largest glacier in the world next to the Antarctic and the Arctic. It is known as the third pole in the world. Some say that it is the most beautiful glacier on the last piece of pure land on earth. As of June 1st, 2018, the Puruogangri Glacier is not be opened to the public, including foreign tourists.
  • Can foreign tourists travel to other cities in China with the Tibet Group Visa?
    Unlike the ordinary Chinese visa, tourists can’t visit other cities in China with the Tibet Group Visa, except for cities indicated on the visa.
  • How is the road condition from Lhasa to Kathmandu?
    Due to the development of Tibet tourism, the Tibet road conditions are very good, now mostly are bituminous concrete roads, cars and commercial vehicles can run on it. However, all of the tour are ending up at Gyirong border, visitors need to rent a car from Gyirong border to Kathmandu, though only with about 180 kilometers, and the scenery along the way is nice, but the road is very dusty and bumpy, so it is suggested that rent an SUV, as it is much more comfortable.
  • What documents do I need to travel to Mt. Kailash?
    For foreign tourists to enter Tibet, including Lhasa will require the most basic document – Tibet Travel Permit, if you plan to go to the border area, have to apply for the Border Pass. The Military Pass is also requested for Mt. Kailash tour, but you have to worry no more, after you sign up with us, we shall arrange all the relevant documents for you.
  • Can foreign tourists visit Pangong Tso Lake?
    Pangong Tso is an endorheic lake in the Himalayas situated at a height of about 4,350 m. There’s a famous bird island in the middle of the lake. Foreign tourists are allowed to travel there. You can stay overnight at the Shiquanhe Town(i.e. "Lion Spring River Town")
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