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Tibet Weather in July

Tibet Weather 969

Tibet Weather in July

Tibet weather in July:

Tibet in July feels comfortable with an average temperature of about 20 degrees. Lhasa has become a "summer resort" for many people. In the evening, when it occasionally rains a little, it helps you to sleep better at night. It is a good time to go to Tibet in July. Although July is the rainy season in Tibet, it feels very comfortable with sufficient oxygen in the air. On the contrary, it is very hot in the mainland China at this time. So entering Tibet at this time is a good choice.

The average temperature in July in different areas:

Average temperature in Lhasa area: 10 °C — 22 °C.

Average temperature in Ali area: 7 ° C — 24 ° C.

Average temperature in Nyingchi area: 12°C — 22°C

Average temperature in Nagqu area: 4 °C — 16 °C.

Average temperature in Shigatse area: 5 °C — 27 °C

Average temperature in Shannan area: 8°C — 28°C.

Tibet dress code in July:

Tibet is hot in July, and the ultraviolet light is super strong, but the temperature drops at night. Comfortable shoes and outdoor outfits are recommended. You may need a jacket as well in case the weather changes.

If you go to Lhasa, Nyingchi, Shannan and other places where the altitude is relatively low, you will feel cool and comfortable. During the day, you can wear thin long-sleeved shirts, loose sweatpants, and light sports shoes. For sun protection, shorts and short sleeves are not recommended. In the early morning and late evening when it is cool, a thin jacket can be added.

If you are going to Ali, Nagqu and other places of a high altitude, you can wear thin long pants during the day. While in the evening, a down jacket may be needed when the temperature in some places drops to below zero. For shoes, it is advisable to use high-top outdoor shoes. You’ll feel more comfortable by wearing clothes made of cotton which is more breathable. If you are going to Namtso and Everest to travel, please bring warm clothes such as down jackets no matter what season you go. These places are always cold and windy, and the heat of the sun cannot make them much warmer, so you are suggested to do a good job to stay warm.

Tibet Travel Guide in July:

Tibet has the best scenery in July and August. The Lake YamdrokTso and Namtso are breathtakingly beautiful in July and August. As for climate and humidity, Nyignzhi and Bomina are at the best at this time. Recommendations for classic attractions at this time are: Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Ramoche Temple, Basum Lak, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Kading Vally, Giant Berlin, Lulang Forest, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Canola Glacier. Mount Everest, Lake YamdrokTso, Lake Namco and so on.

Notes on Tibet Tourism in July:

Every July is an excellent season for traveling to Tibet. Therefore, the Tibet tourism market at this time is in the most popular period. There are many people, so the tourists who are going to enter Tibet in July must be prepared in advance to deal with any unexpected situation. There are many direct flights to Tibet, you can also take a train. However, there are often tourists who cancel their plans to enter Tibet because they cannot buy a ticket. Therefore, It is best to book your tickets 25 days in advance.

The Potala Palace is an attraction that every person who goes to Tibet will visit. However, the Potala Palace receives a limited number of visitors every day. Visitors must book tickets and make appointments to visit in advance. Because of the large number of tourists in July, some tourists even get in the line in the middle of the night to buy a ticket, but they still can't get one.

It rains a lot in Tibet in July, so visitors should bring umbrellas, raincoats and some other clothes for change. However, it mostly rains at night and it rarely rains during the day, so basically it will not affect your travel plans during the day. In July, it is not necessary to bring very thick clothes. Outdoor sportswear, cotton underwear and sneakers or outdoor shoes are recommended. If you have plans to go to areas of high altitudes such as Mount Everest, it is recommended to bring thick, double-layered clothes and high-top outdoor shoes.

Please also remember to bring your passport, Tibet Permit, mobile phone, key and wallet with a good mood. Many people do not really like the food on the train, so you can bring some snacks. It is said that the fruits of Tibet are more expensive than meat. You can bring a little bit of fruit to supplement the vitamins you need. Since July is a peak season for travel to Tibet, accommodation can also be hard to book. So it is recommended to book hotels online ahead before you go.

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