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How much is a cycling tour from Chengdu to Lhasa

Chengdu to Tibet 350

How much is a cycling tour from Chengdu to Lhasa

The Sichuan-Tibet South Route is chosen by numerous cyclists every year. From Chengdu to Lhasa, the cyclists experience the most beautiful scenery and the unforgettable journey.

How many days does it take to cycle from Chengdu to Lhasa?

The Sichuan-Tibet South Route via G 318 National Highway passes the following places: Chengdu- Ya'an- Luding- Kangding- Xinduqiao- Yajiang- Litang- Batang- Mangkang- Zuogong- Bangda- Basu- Bomi- Nyingchi- Lhasa. The whole journey is 2157 kilometers, passing more than 20 towns; crossing over 14 mountains, including 9 with altitude more than 4000 meters; crossing through 10 rivers.It takes about 20 days cycling to Lhasa.

How much does it cost to cycle the Sichuan-Tibet Route?

1. Bicycles and accessories

One mountain bike: about 1000 yuan

If you have enough budget, you’d better choose bikes with better performance and, of course, higher prices.

One rack: 60-90 yuan

As you need to cycle around 2,500 kilometers, you need to bring a lot of luggage. And thus a goods shelf is necessary.

One bag: 50-100 yuan

The bag must be large enough to hold all your luggage.

One small bag hanged on the bike: 10 yuan or so

It can be used to put mobile phones, maps and the like.

One taillight + one reflective tape: 10-30 yuan

There are many tunnels on this route.

One stopwatch: 20-100 yuan

You can buy a high-end stopwatch, which can not only display speed, riding mileage and riding time, but can also enable you to know the altitude, air pressure and slope height. Or you can choose not to buy it, but use the mobile phone's navigation app throughout the whole process.Remember to buy a bicycle phone holder, about 20 yuan.

One flashlight: 20-60 yuan

Flashlights also need to be equipped with a flashlight holder. It is not recommended to wear the head lamp because it might attract a lot of bugs.

Two rubber ribbons: 10-20 yuan

The ribbons are used to tie the bag. It is recommended to buy durable ones of good quality.

One cushion: 20-60 yuan

The route is rugged and takes a long time, so it is strongly recommended to buy a cushion to make yourself more comfortable. One thermo jug: 20-100 yuan

Water is of great importance.

Total: 1300 yuan. It is recommended to buy these accessories in the same bike dealership, in this way you can get discount. 2. Repair tools

One set of repair tools: 20-100 yuan

You can have one in your team.

One set of tire repair tools: 10-30 yuan

Normally, the bike dealership will give you one set of such tools for free. But you need to learn how to repair the tires in advance, otherwise tools are of no use.

Two inner tubes: 20-50 yuan

If you cannot repair the tire well, you need to change it. You can buy it on the repair shops on the way. But you’d better bring two, cause it might be much more expensive on the Sichuan-Tibet Route.

One pump: 20-30 yuan

You can have one in your team.

One bottle Lubricating oil: only 10-20 yuan

If you don’t want to bring one with you, you can borrow some from the hotel or other cyclists.

Total: about 100 yuan.

3.Cycling wear

One helmet: 150-200 yuan

It is very important for your safety. You can choose a helmet that is comfortable, light to wear.

A pair of sunglasses: 100-300 yuan

The ultraviolet rays are very strong. The glasses can block the sun and prevent sand. Cyclists wearing glasses can buy clips, which are very cheap,about 30-50 yuan.

One pair of sun-protective sleeves: 20-50 yuan

You can buy the sleeves online.There are many choices with affordable prices. Given the strong ultraviolet, you should pay special attention to sun protection.

Two headscarf: 10-50 yuan

You can wrap the entire head and the neck.

A pair of gloves: 20-80 yuan

It is of vital importance to protect your hands.

One set of cycling clothes: 150-500 yuan

It is recommended to buy clothes made of breathable material. Then you wouldn’t easily catch a cold during the rainy days.

One raincoat: 50-80 yuan

Total: 300-700 yuan.

4. Accommodation

Food: 20-100 yuan per day

The cost on food vary largely according to tourists’ own choices. To travel with partners can enable you to try more dishes and share the cost.

Accommodation: 50-200 yuan / night

Normally, the hotels provide breakfast. You can choose nice hotels, guesthouses and cheap youth hotels.

Total: ¥3000-4000 for 20 days.

5. Other

Insurance: ¥150-300

There might be unpredictable troubles on the way, given the long and hard journey. Therefore, it is necessary to buy insurance.

Drugs: ¥100

Anti- altitude drugs; band-aids, medicines for enterogastritis or cold

Scenic area tickets: 500-1000 yuan

There are some scenic areas that are free to visit. But most of the scenic areas require tickets to visit.

Departure: 500-1000 yuan

This refers to the cost that you depart for Chengdu.

Return trip: ¥1000-3000

You can send your bike back by express for about 150-200 yuan. Or you can sell it to local people. The train ticket is about 700 yuan or more. The plane is about 2,000 yuan.

Total: ¥1500-4000.

Total sum: 6000-10000 yuan.

It is recommended to bring more cash.

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