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Shigatse weather & climate in December

Shigatse Weather 731

Shigatse weather & climate in December

When Shigatse enters the winter, it is cold with thin air and low air pressure. The temperature difference is very large between day and night, and the wind is strong. It’s sunny during the day though. The average temperature in Shigatse in December is -11 °C ~ 10 °C. You are suggested to have less activities at this time. The warm sunshine makes Lhasa and Shigatse the best choices for winter tours in Tibet. You can perform Kora devoutly in the streets of Shigatse with the local Tibetans, bask in the sun on the street or chat with friends in a sweet tea house. This is the typical life of the local Tibetan people and the most leisure way to travel in Tibet.

Shigatse temperature in December over the years:

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Weather Cloudy Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Cloudy Cloudy
Max(℃) 12℃ 10℃ 10℃ 12℃ 12℃ 9℃ 9℃
Min(℃) -11℃ -12℃ -11℃ -12℃ -10℃ -10℃ -12℃
Date 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Weather Cloudy Sunny Sunny Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy
Max(℃) 5℃ 8℃ 7℃ 6℃ 5℃ 5℃ 6℃
Min(℃) -14℃ -14℃ -15℃ -14℃ -13℃ -13℃ -14℃
Date 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Weather Sunny Sunny Cloudy Snowy Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 4℃ 8℃ 9℃ 4℃ 9℃ 12℃ 1℃
Min(℃) -18℃ -17℃ -16℃ -14℃ -20℃ -20℃ -18℃
Date 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Weather Sunny Sunny Cloudy Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) -3℃ -3℃ 2℃ 0℃ 3℃ 8℃ 0℃
Min(℃) -22℃ -21℃ -20℃ -20℃ -19℃ -18℃ -17℃
Date 29 30 31
Weather Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 0℃ -1℃ 1℃
Min(℃) -20℃ -22℃ -20℃

Dress code in December:

The altitude of the Shigatse region is around 3800-5300 meters. Generally speaking, it is advisable to have less activities in the Shigatse urban area. The temperature difference between day and night is very large, especially in the winter season in December. It is recommended to bring a heavy down jacket or a fleece double-layered jacket. The sun is shining during the day, and you should wear sun protection outdoors. It’s easy to catch a cold in Tibet. But getting a cold in Tibet can be dangerous since it may cause some high altitude complications. So please try to keep warm and stay alert to the weather changes.

Daytime average temperature: 12°C, warm clothes such as thick T-shirts, thick sweaters, casual wear, sweaters, suits, thick outerwear, etc. are recommended.

Nighttime average temperature: -12°C, winter clothes such as Thick cotton coat, winter coat, leather jacket, fur coat, wool coat, hat, gloves, etc. are recommended.

Shigatse travel tips in December:

When travel to Shigatse In December, you can see the snow-capped mountains, the ancient cities, the temples, and the followers performing koras. There are snow-capped Mount Qomo Lhari, Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, Mount Cho Oyo, Mount Riwu Bamba and Mount

Shishapangma. Winter is the best season for the view of the snow-capped mountains without any clouds and mists cover at this time. You van see the whole figure of it standing in the distance. Snow is the best gift of winter. The temple, the ancient city and the fields after snowing looks very special. The snow falls silently while the followers whispering prayes, when you can also hear the post-Tibet Center (Shigatse) telling you about its historical vicissitudes.

Notes on Shigatse travel in December:

Shigatse has entered the winter in December, keeping your skin moisturized is still necessary. It is recommended to bring lip balm, hand cream, lotion, face cream and other skin care products. In Tibe, you don't need to take a bath every day like in the mainland. Bathing every day is not only easy to catch a cold, but also the skin gets more dry after showering. Therefore, it is recommended to apply moisturizers and other moisturizing products after a shower.

The sunshine in Tibet in winter is bright and sunny of strong radiation, so you are strongly suggested to bring sunscreen, visor or other sun protection products before entering Tibet to enjoy the warm sunshine of Tibet without getting sunburnt.

Since it feels cold in Tibet,although it’s sunny, it is more easily to have the Altitude sickness. In fact, no matter when you enter Tibet, anti-altitude sickness work is always needed. You can take some medicine contains Rhodiola a couple of weeks before entering Tibet and bring some anti-altitude sickness with you when you go.

In December, Shigatse may snow occasionally and the road to the Everest Base Camp may be blocked by ice and snow. Before you travel, it is best to check the weather in Everest Base Camp first.

Most of the tourist routes in Tibet need to cross over some mountain passes of high altitudes. With the low temperature and the poor road conditions, please always remember to wear your seat belt.

The best time to travel to Shigatse in general:

Only a couple of areas in Tibet is good for tours all year round. Shigatse is one of them. Unlike Nyingchi, the most famous attractions in Shigatse are generally related to religion. The visit to temples and manors is not affected by different seasons. In general, the best time for Shigatse is from May to October each year. At this time, the climate will not be too cold and it occasionally snows. If you go to Everest Base Camp, you need to take the weather conditions into account more. The best season for Everest tourism is generally from April to May and September to October. During the rainy season from June to August, the peaks of Mount Everest are always covered by clouds and mists. From November to March, although the weather is fine, it’ll be too cold and the roads are often not accessible because of the snow and ice.

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