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What to bring while taking the train to Tibet?

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What to bring while taking the train to Tibet?

For most visitors to Tibet, they will spend two nights on the train. The Qinghai-Tibet railway is considered a three-star train facility in China, but it is not a hotel, so we strongly recommend that you prepare for this amazing train journey.


Although there is a small dining table on the train, the food price on the train can be very high, and it is not so convenient, and you have to take some food to eat on the way according to your schedule.

Water is necessary, do not take so many drinks, it is best to take some mineral water, it is not good for your health if you drink too much beverages. Medicine here is referred with car sickness pills, and many people get carsick when they take the train, and although the train starts to provide oxygen from the Golmud, the vast majority of tourists will still have the high altitude sickness symptom, the medicine is used for this moment.


Comfortable nightclothes

Light sleepers: slippers will make you feel more comfortable on the train


Smart Mobile


Battery charger: there is a battery charging socket in the compartment.

Notebook or I-pad (optional)

Headphones: listen to the music, enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window, respect other passengers

Tibet tour guide or novels: E.g or other novels, helps you to spend time.

Table games. (Optional)

Take one or two books, because the mobile phone is only can stand for short distances, but in terms of long distance, mobile phone battery cannot hold too long. The advantage of taking a book is that it does not use electricity, you can choose to take magazines, novels, and even story books, but a lot of people cannot take it in.

Power bank. (Make sure it is being fully charged before the trip.)

Personal belongings:

Travel documents (Valid Passport, Chinese Visa, Identity Card)

Personal medicines or eye drops

Pocket money: Since there is no ATM machine on the train, you may wish to prepare some changes, in case to buy food on the train.

Earplugs: Help with better sleep, avoid the noise in the carriage

Sleeping mask/eye mask

Travel pillow

* If you experience altitude sickness (such as shortness of breath or headache), please ask the steward for an oxygen tube/oxygen kit.


Bring toiletries. It includes toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, facial cleanser and so on.



Some fruit

Thermos glass/bottle: you can get hot water from the water dispenser on the train.

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