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Nyingchi weather in March

Nyingchi Weather 441

Nyingchi weather in March

Nyingchi Weather Condition in March

In March, the average temperature of Nyingchi is about 10 °C, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, between 0-15 °C. In the valleys where the altitude is higher, the peach trees are about to blossom. At this time, Nyingchi is sunny and warm with not much precipitation. The view of the blooming peach blossoms against the snow-capped mountains is stunning. It still feels cold at this time and you are suggested to wear more to stay warm if you are going to Nyingchi. The fleece windproof jacket will be a good choice.

What to wear if visiting Nyingchi in March

In the winter, it feels cold in Nyingchi in the early morning and late evening, warm clothes such as sweaters and down jackets are needed. The temperature between day and night is large. When it is sunny, you can wear less. While there is no sunshine, you need to wear something heavier to stay warm.

Daytime average temperature: 13°C, warm clothes such as windbreakers, thin sweaters, outdoor jackets, etc. are recommended. Nighttime average temperature: 0°C, warm winter clothes such as winter coats, leather jackets, down jackets, hats, gloves, etc. are recommended.

Nyingchi travel tips in March:

In March, Nyingchi gets warmer and sunnier covering with an ocean of flowers. The enchanting peach blossoms are looks so soft in the arms of the magnificent snow-capped mountains. The bright peach blossoms are blooming against the blue sky and the color is beautiful. The peach blossomVillage Nyingchi is the best spot for peach blossoms. Wild peach forests and wheat fields spread on both sides of the Niyang River. The unique landscape of Linzhi is also known as the oriental Switzerland and another Jiangnan in Tibet. March-April is the peak season for Nyingchi travel not only because of the Peach Blossom Festival, but also because Nyingchi in March is the best time for a clearer view of the Nanga Bawa Peak and a more beautiful Ranwu Lake. It is recommended to go to Linzhi in March to take a winter outfit. Although Linzhi’s spring is strong and sunny, the air of Linzhi is more humid, the chance of rain and snow is big, and the weather will be cold. It is recommended to wear some warm winter clothes such as sweaters, down jackets or fleece jackets, since there are still chances to rain or snow at this time. Most of the time, it feels sunny and damp in March. Photography enthusiasts should bring your professional cameras to shoot the enchanting peach blossoms blooming against the snow-capped mountains. You can also take some pictures of Nanga Bawa Peak when you see it from the Sejila Pass.

The best time to travel to Nyingchi in general:

The best time to travel to Nyingchi is in September and October of each year. Nyingchi is an area surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Its autumn is crisp and colorful, and it is also the best time for the view of the Nandi Bawa Peak. In March and April of each year, it is also a wonderful time to enjoy the wild peach blossoms all over the mountains.

The average temperature of Nyingchi in winter is above 0 °C with an average temperature in summer is 20 °C. Nyingchi is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. During the rainy season from May to September each year, a large amount of rainfall will cause natural disasters such as landslides, mudslides and landslides. This poses a great threat to the road traffic between the valleys in the southeast of Tibet. Therefore, the rainy season is not a good time for travel to Nyingchi. It is especially not recommended for traveling along the Sichuan-Tibet line.

In March, Nyingchi gets warmer and sunnier covering with an ocean of flowers. You can still see the snow-capped mountains in the distance, and the peach blossoms are quietly blooming. The pink peach blossoms which are against the blue sky and the spectacular snow-capped mountains are amazingly beautiful. The annual Peach Blossom Festival opens on the beautiful Niyang River on every March 15th. The local government will organize a variety of activities such as folk song and dance performances, archery competitions, which attract thousands of people. The peach blossoms on the banks of the valley are of all different colors, and the songs and dances under the peach trees are full of joy. It is the perfect place for you to travel in the spring to enjoy the flowers and the pleasant scenery, as well as to have a taste of the local Tibetan cultures.

Nyingchi Daily Temperature in March:

Date 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Weather Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy Cloudy overcast Rainy Cloudy
Max(℃) 14℃ 13℃ 13℃ 11℃ 13℃ 12℃ 12℃
Min(℃) 2℃ 2℃ 2℃ 2℃ 4℃ 2℃ -2℃
Date 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Weather Cloudy overcast Sleet Snowy Cloudy Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 12℃ 12℃ 13℃ 12℃ 11℃ 13℃ 11℃
Min(℃) -2℃ -2℃ 2℃ 1℃ 1℃ -1℃ -4℃
Date 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Weather Cloudy Rainy Rainy Rainy Sunny Sunny Sunny
Max(℃) 15℃ 14℃ 12℃ 12℃ 17℃ 17℃ 15℃
Min(℃) 0℃ 3℃ 3℃ 3℃ -4℃ -4℃ -1℃
Date 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Weather Rainy Rainy Cloudy overcast Rainy Rainy Cloudy
Max(℃) 14℃ 14℃ 14℃ 16℃ 17℃ 14℃ 14℃
Min(℃) 2℃ 2℃ 1℃ 1℃ 4℃ 3℃ 2℃
Date 29 30 31
Weather Cloudy Sleet Rainy
Max(℃) 17℃ 14℃ 13℃
Min(℃) 1℃ 1℃ 3℃

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