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Tibet Senior Guides Team

Tibet Odyssey has a team of around 20 Tibetan guides and they will take tourists to visit the designated tourist attractions in Tibet. Travelling with our hospitable and knowledgeable guides, tourists will be able to learn the exotic customs and legendary Tibetan Buddhism, etc. All of them work hard to provide quality service (accommodation, food, daily itinerary, etc.) to our clients during your stay in Tibet.


Personal Experience:With my 5 years of experience of being an English- Chinese tour guide, I believe your Tibetan tour with me will be unforgettable and unique. I am here wating for your coming.


Personal Experience:As a local Tibetan, I deeply love my job as a tour guide and also my hometown. I am endeavored to learn more and know more about this mysteric place. With these...


Personal Experience:It has been 4 years since I came back from India and started to be a tour guide. With my language skills and knowleage of Tibet, I already make friends with many of the tourists...


Personal Experience:Besides taking tourists to visit the famous sightseeing places, I am quite good at arranging something special for travellers. Such as local family visit. If you would like to experience the local life, do not...


Personal Experience: Due to my deep interest in Tibetan Buddism, Culture and custom, I made my self to be a tour guide after graduation. I am here to wait for your coming and present you a wonderful Tibetan tour.


Personal Experience:I have been a tour guide for nearly 5 years, during these years, I learned something new everytime I take tourists to visit the places in Tibet; I am well informed of Tibetan culture, custom, etc. I believe I will give you...


Personal experience:As a local Tibetan, I deeply love this place and my job as a tour guide. Being a guide not only urge me to learn more about my homeland but also enable me to introduce my hometown to tourists from all over the world.

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