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Mount Everest The highest peak of the world

 Mount Everest, also named as Mount Quomolangma (means the Third Goddess in Tibetan), is the highest mountain in the world. With an elevation of 8,848 meters (29,028 feet), it is also renowned as the Third Pole of the World. Located at the border between China and Nepal, central region of Himalaya Range, the north ridge of Everest in Tibet has a gentle slope then the south ridge in Nepal, therefore the north ridge route is more chosen by mountaineers. The main body of Mount Everest looks like a giant pyramid, along with a large glacier stretching more than 26km. It forms an amazing mountain waves, together with other peaks around. The summit capped with snow over ice over rock with the layer of snow varied year to year, is the dreamland of mountaineering adventurer. Meanwhile, it also a lifetime destination for tourists to gaze out the iceberg from the Everest Base Camp (EBC).


Useful Travel Tips


Covered with electricity, the EBC is more like a tourist camp for more and more visitors stay overnight with to appreciate the majestic Everest. Whether you come for traveling or climbing, you should choose a best time and pay close attention to the local weather forecast before you go. For commonly tourists, here are some additional travel information for you to have a better understanding.


1. Travel documents: Traveling to Mt. Everest or EBC in Tibet, you should prepare documents of Tibet Travel Permit and Alien’s Travel Permit, apart from Chinese Visa, issued by different departments. (Contact our travel consultant to know details if you are in need). For Mt. Everest Mountaineers, you need to get the Mountaineering License issued by Tibet Mountaineer Association.


2. Best time to visit: The best time for traveling or climbing Mt. Everest is the periods between late April and early June, along with early September and late October, with relatively mild and steady weather with less rain or snow. If you want to climb, please keep a very close eye on the weather changes there.


3. Essential things to pack: Due to the high elevation with UV radiation and harsh weather, some essentials you should take, including bottled oxygen, medicine, sleeping bag, down clothing, sun cream with high SPF, lip balm, sunglasses, cell phone, etc. Besides, food and water is needed, also bring some cash is needed since the stones don’t accept credit cards. For other heavy stuff, the less to bring, the better you can enjoy.

4. Accommodation & Dining: Rongbuk Monastery and EBC both offer the service with basic condition. You can take single bed and have staple food in Rongbuk Monastery, or join the camp to stay overnight and finish a quick meal at EBC. The choice is on you according to your itinerary.


5. Everest View Spots: For regular tourists, who want to view the landscape of Mount Everest, there are some classic viewing spots, where can take great photos of the peak without take a risky climbing. EBC as an opened tourist zone in Tibet is the best place to gaze the magnificent summit on the north face of Everest and view the spectacular sunrise at early morning. Rongbuk Monastery, at the halfway up the peak is another spot to overlook the entire of Mount Everest from the south direction and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Besides them, there are several observation decks along the way to EBC for tourists to view the Everest from a far distance.


6. Postcard Mailing: There is the world highest post office near the EBC. You can pay for a special cancellation of the Mt. Everest on your postcards, and send them to your friends when you back to Lhasa. It will be awesome.


7. Epitome of Everest Hiking: For climbing amateur, the 2 hours hiking route from Rongbuk Monastery to EBC is worth trying to appreciate the heartbeat when getting closer to the highest mountain step by step.

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