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Lhasa Attractions-Potala Palace

 Potala Palace is the landmark also the symbol of Tibet. It is a great giant palace consisting of many houses, towers, chapels, etc. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Potala Palace is the highest place in the world. Because of its spectacular architecture style, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful architectural building in the world. As the historic ensemble of Lhasa, Patala Palace, together with the exceptional Jokhang Temple and Norbulingka is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its main buildings are situated on the Red Hill by the side of Lhasa River. Potala Palace is not only a splendid place, but also a treasure house where you can see precious arts and learn Tibetan culture and history. Because of its brilliant arts and history, travelers see it as the No. 1 must-see attraction in Tibet. By climbing the steps up to the top, you can see the great views of Lhasa city as well as beautiful plateau landscape far away.


Useful Travel Tips of Potala Palace


With the tickets of 200RMB (May–October) or 100 RMB(November–April), Potala Palace is allowed less than 2,300 tourists and pilgrims to enter during 9:00-16:00 of each day, excepting Holidays & big event. The ticket purchase should be booked one day beforehand in order to secure entry. Also there is only one hour for visiting the inner of Potala Palace. Remember to bring your ID card or passport when visit. And more suggestions and travel tips following:


1. With the limited visit time, you’d better arrange the time by studying ahead to know what are you going to see most. There are about 30 sites along the relatively fixed visit route and some of them can’t miss out, including Stupa of fifth Dalai Lama, Dharma Cave and Saint Kwun Yum Hall.


2. Sitting at 3700 meters above the sea level, you need to climb up from the South Gate to the top of the Potala Palace. The climbing time does not count towards your “1 hour” limit. Along the climb way, make sure to stop and rest a while and drink lots of water.


3. Take an overcoat even in summer days, as it is a bit cold and damp in the Palace. Visiting the golden roofs costs an extra fee of 10 RMB. Also taking photos is not allowed inside, except some small halls.


4. The toilet at the right side of the White Palace Square, is the only rest room during the route of the rest tour time. The bathroom at the West Gate of the Potala Palace is said to be distinctive and worth a try.


5. Since the interior of potala is not allow taking photos, tourists can have a panorama view and shoot the whole Potala Palace through the Chakpori Hill (Yaowang Mountain), over the street of the palace. The Zongjiaolukang Park, located at the right of the palace is another spot to take photo of the inverted reflection of Potala Palace. Besides, if you visit at night, you can stand at the square in front of the palace to take a sparking night scene of Potala Palace.

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